Role: UX Engineer
Agency: klein,laut
Role Overview
I started collaborating with klein,laut in 2016 as a freelance UX designer and front-end developer. Over the years I grew into an important part of the studio that could even handle client communication
and project overview.
Key Takeaways
1. Worked on more than 40 websites in 4 years. Working on UX design or Front-end development.
2. Able to provide key insights on projects in an early stage from both a UX and a front-end developers perspective.
3. Constant collaboration with designers and developers
to ensure the outcome meets expectations.

Responsive website for mischtisch

Highlighted projects

Mischtisch is a Bavaria-wide campaign that supports gastronomies in offering a communal table under a uniformed label.
Use of Google API to create a map that contains all of the Dehoga partners. Map can be searched by city name or postal code, filtered by restaurants, bar, coffee places, or user can choose to explore the map. Fully responsive and cross browser compatible.
website link
The Celonis Execution Management Platform powers all facets of business execution including real-time data ingestion, process and task mining, planning and simulation, visual and daily management, and action flows.
We were tasked on redesigning their partner portal. It is a space where their partners will be able to see the full partner program, their status in the process of becoming a partner, and make some recurring actions that will help them be more efficient partners for Celonis.  To start off we immersed ourself into understanding what was Celonis and what were they offering to their clients. After studying the existing content for their partners we established that for each partner status, we needed a different homepage that would help them guide the user into their next step.

Fun projects to have worked on

Dentini—Dental practice for children and adolescents
website link

Lydia Behrens
—Coach, project featured on TypewolfTypewolf link
What the kiosk—one day experiment of the no-code tool Webflow for our coffee/kiosk stand
website link

Celonis from UX to UI